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  • Writer's pictureSophie Bostock, PhD

How much sleep do you need?

This is probably the question I get asked most frequently! The answer is.. well, the answer is, that there is no one answer that suits everyone. It depends.

If right now you're...

- waking up every morning without an alarm clock

- feeling well rested

- not loading up on caffeine and sugar to keep you going

- not 'catching up' on sleep at the weekends to catch up..

.. your sleep is probably in pretty good shape.

If not, it could be time for a little trial and error. The National Sleep Foundation in the US published their recommendations for sleep duration back in 2015 based on the science at the time. I have a sneaky feeling these might get renewed soon, but I would guess that the recommendations won't change significantly. You can read more here.. (Hirshkowitz et al 2019).


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