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Sophie is regularly invited to contribute as a TV sleep expert, including for ITV’s This Morning and Save Money, Good Health. She consulted for and featured on ITV Tonight’s documentary “Why Can’t Britain Sleep?” (July 2019) and has appeared on BBC News and Al Jazeera TV.

Recent podcasts include BBC 5 Live's Fit & Fearless (coming soon in 2020), Adrienne Herbert's Power Hour and Alain Guillot's 101st podcast.

Contributions to press titles include multiple articles for The Telegraph, The Guardian, Women's Health and The Times.

Sophie is keen to spread the word about sleep science. If you need help with research for a story about sleep or circadian science, please call 07779 578733, or email sophie@thesleepscientist.com. 

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ITV Tonight documentary

exploring the reasons for the nation's sleep deficit

Why Can't We Sleep

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 08.34.40_edite

On World Sleep Day 2019, brief

sleep tips with

Eamonn & Ruth

ITV This Morning


with presenter, Sian Williams, reviewing the latest sleep products

Save Money, Good Health