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Would you like to help your customers to sleep better?

Are you looking to validate a new sleep product?

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Recording sleep content with the My IBD Care team

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consulting & partnerships

If you're interested in promoting an evidence-based approach to sleep improvement, please get in touch. 

Sophie launched a partnership with Bensons for Beds in 2019 and has been their go-to sleep expert since then. 

Sophie has worked closely with the team at My IBD Care (Ampersand Health) to co-develop a sleep improvement programme for people living with IBD. She provides sleep advice (aka Brain Food) for the team at Heights, and is on the advisory board at Nano-Lit Technologies, a circadian lighting company.


Sophie also partners with wellness and performance companies to provide sleep seminars as part of a holistic wellbeing approach, including the The Wellness Movement, Cognacity and Elevate Your Health.

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