Sophie is an energising and inspiring speaker, and has delivered over 100 corporate 'Sleeposiums', webinars, training programmes and keynote speeches on topics related to sleep science and performance, leadership, innovation, digital health and wellbeing.


Sophie has delivered talks for Fortune 500 tech companies, investors, financial services firms, lawyers, vets, athletes, police, military, manufacturers, startups, universities and the NHS. Sophie has been invited to deliver talks at TEDxNHS, TEDxLSHTM, Talks@Google, the Royal Society of Medicine, and on a beach in Turkey. 

Sophie works directly with every client to develop the right content. This includes single talks and multi-session sleep improvement series, focused on habit change. Recent topics, since the pandemic, include:

  • Sleeping with Stress & Uncertainty: How to take control of your sleep system

  • Solving Stubborn Sleep Problems: Surprising tactics to re-boot your sleep patterns

  • Working from home: Plan your day for the perfect night's sleep

  • Is Sleep the Secret to Health and Happiness?

  • Safety, Sleep and Shiftwork: Risks and coping strategies

  • Sleeping for Peak Performance (tailored for elite sport, corporate or military audiences)

  • Banish the Winter Blues: How to get boost energy and wellbeing in the winter months

  • The Sleepless Parent's Survival Guide

Looking for a speaker with a spark? Searching for creative conference content to enthuse and engage?

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The Magic of Digital Medicine

What Harry Potter and digital CBT for insomnia have in common 

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 08.24.39_edite


Sleeping for the sleep deprived

Why so many of us are short

of sleep, and what to do

about it

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O2 Cineworld

Sleep and decision-making

for 700+ Data Analysts

from the

Sainsbury's Group


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If you'd like more information about speaking, coaching, or consulting, please get in touch! You can reach Sophie at sophie@thesleepscientist.com.

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