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Can you bank sleep to improve performance?

I am well aware of the irony of finalising this video after 11pm at night 🤦 but no-one's perfect 😉

This video is all about what to do, and what not to do, before embarking on a sleep deprivation challenge - travel, a big deadline at work, an ultra endurance event, or rowing around Britain 🇬🇧🚣

It turns out we're not so hot at 'adapting' to short sleep as many of us think we are.. at least as far as alertness is concerned.

The best performance is likely to come with a minimal sleep debt...

I'll be tracking my sleep using an Oura ring throughout the row, AND testing my alertness using the PVT task every day during the row... more on this in a future post!

I'll be leaving home in a few hours to meet the boat, Roxy, and then we'll be setting off on Sunday morning! I will send some pics when I can :)

Huge thanks to everyone for all your messages of support 😁 xx


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