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Can Sleep Protect Heart Health?

You may have wondered why I seem to wear the same T-shirt... A lot!

There is a bit of a theme ❤️ at the moment since I'm 10 days away from starting the round Britain row!

This week I explain why sleep and heart disease are interlinked, and why protecting healthy sleep patterns can help to..

- Fight inflammation 🦠

- Reduce blood pressure ❤️

- Manage your weight & metabolism🍏

- Regulate emotions💗

- Boost motivation 🤸

I'm raising money for the British Heart Foundation for both personal and professional reasons. They funded my PhD research (more on that later), but perhaps more importantly, their research and support has helped my Dad, (an epic neurophysiologist who refuses to take retirement seriously), to thrive for the last 3 years since his triple heart bypass op.

More than 1 in 10 adults in the UK is living with a heart or circulatory condition, so the chances are that you know someone who is affected, or will do.

All charities have had their fundraising income cut by covid, and I know they aren't the only ones. I'd be hugely grateful if you can spare a few £ to support this campaign - or if I inspire you to support another charity, please let me know, that would be awesome too! ☺️


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