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My Top 10 Sleep Books on World Book Day

In honour of World Book Day, thought I'd pick out my current top 10 books on sleep, and sleep science.. it's a changing feast but there are some classics and some newbies in here...

On the top? The first ever sleep book I read, and still a bit of a bible. If you are looking for a structured approach to coping with insomnia, Colin Espie's 'Overcoming Insomnia' tells you how to do it - and was the foundation of the digital Sleepio programme.

You'll also see a very well thumbed copy of 'Chasing the Sun' which explains the extraordinary power of sunlight.

'Rest' by @askpang is all about the importance of pausing and rest, as well as sleep, for our creativity and productivity. (Also great on Audible).

'The Sleep Solution' by Chris Winter @sportsleepdoc does what it says on the tin, but makes you smile as well. Bonus.

In 'The Nocturnal Brain' , Guy Leschziner delves into the science behind more unusual sleep disorders, exploring sleep through his patients' eyes.

'Why We Sleep' by Matthew Walker is a thorough and occasionally scary best seller about all the stuff sleep does for you.. I recommend you sort out your sleep with the other books first!!

'The Circadian Code' by @satchin.panda explains why respecting our circadian rhythms, optimized for action by day and rest at night, is a winner not only for sleep, but also for health and wellbeing.

Ferber and Owens/Mindell are trusted voices in the kids sleep space. My other favourite is 'What to do when you Dread your Bed' by Dawn Huebner which is a great read for school age kids to help cope with night time fears and busy brains..

There are so many awesome reads on this topic. What have I missed?? There are plenty more in my bookshelf.. I suspect next year's top 10 will have a few tweaks! :-)


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