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My GB Row is In The News!

One of my very lovely crew mates from the Dolphin Rowing Club got in touch with Portsmouth News.. and this article was the result:

I know it's a bit cheesy, but it's all true.

It's amazing how a significant challenge brings people together. There is no way that I'll be ready to row without the support of my wider team...

  • I've got my personal trainer, Indie Bornhoft (TrainwithIndie) who has been putting me and my incredible training buddy, Fran Blake (Sup4Life), through our paces each week at Chris Gordon's gym in Emsworth.

  • My erg training plan is courtesy of ocean rowing coach extraordinaire, Gus Barton, who will be rowing the Pacific while I navigate the UK!

  • My on water training is entirely thanks to the Dolphin Rowing club, who have been incredibly generous with their time, expertise, coffee and cake, since I first sat in a rowing boat in August 2019.

  • My family have been amazing, as always, especially my brother Ralph, and his wife Amy, who seem to feed me a lot these days :), and of course my parents, who have always supported my crazy schemes.

Training is going well. One month to go!

You can catch up on fundraising progress, or even make a small donation, here:

Rowing on Langstone Harbour on Friday 14th May 2021 with Andrew (cox), me, Andi, Dee and Julia - photos courtesy of Chris Moorhouse at Portsmouth News

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