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Why does travel make us so tired? And what can we do about it? Travel Fatigue Part 1: Be prepared

Why is travel so tiring?

Do you do a lot of travel for work? 🛫 Does it take you a surprising amount of time to bounce back? In this video, find out why, and what to do about it.. 

This video is just a reminder to be kind to yourself if you're doing a lot of travel. 😩

It's natural to feel tired, even if you're not crossing a lot of timezones (jet lag is the Part 2 topic!). 

Often we're at a heightened stress level when we travel - anxious about what happens when we get there (or if we get delayed) or what is happening back home - and this is before you factor in the First Night Effect. 

What is the First Night Effect?

The first night that we sleep in a new place, part of our brain stays more vigilant than normal, keeping us in lighter stages of sleep for more of the night. From an evolutionary perspective, this might have helped our ancestors to survive.. but if you're just treating yourself to a stay in a luxury hotel for a single night, it's kind of annoying..

To reduce travel fatigue and improve sleep quality..

In addition to the advice in the video about being prepared..

- 🧘‍♀️ Take time to breathe.. try a few rounds of box breathing if things feel overwhelming. In for 4, pause for 4, out for 4, hold for 4. 

- 🐻 Take a familiar object such as a pillow case, teddy bear (I take a cuddly sloth with me) or familiar music which you use to wind down at home.

- 🛀 Run a warm bubble bath before you go to bed, or have a warm shower.. you can wash off the day and it will help you relax, and prepare the body for sleep. 

I had a great trip, but it's good to be home.

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