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How to fall back to sleep

In the second of my weekly videos for 2021, I demonstrate a technique to get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

I explain why we notice waking up more often when we're stressed, and why a simple breathing technique can help to signal the brain that you're safe, easing your way back into sleep.

In the video I describe a technique called 1,2 breathing - breathe in for 1, pause, and out for 2. If you're really anxious, just simply repeat that a few times. Don't worry if you can't pause for long. When you wake up in a panic, just 1 in, 1 out is enough.

When 1,2 feels easy you can extend by one each time.. add a pause at each end of the breath.

- Breathe all the way in for 1, all the way out for 2

- Breathe all the way in for 2, all the way out for 3

- Breathe all the way in for 3, all the way out for 4

- Breathe all the way in for 4, all the way out for 5

I usually find that's enough, but you might want to repeat a few cycles.

(Apologies for grainy image, I really did record it in my pyjamas before bed :)

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