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Could cold water immersion help with stress, and sleep?


That’s not always a bad thing.

Last month I was lucky enough to experience an overdose of micro stressors in Norway with Vicki Anstey on a WeAreIntrepid adventure….

Ice plunges, snow shoeing, husky sledding, ski touring, cross country skiing, even snow kiting! We all had the opportunity to step out of our comfort zones, embrace the challenge, overcome fear and - hopefully - come back stronger.

So what’s the key to making the most of stress?

I know I’m biased, but my vote goes to Recovery. Sleep is probably the best kind you can get, but we all have ways of flipping that ‘fight or flight’ mode back into rest and digest.. breathwork, mindfulness, stretching, reading, taking a walk, a hug with a loved one, creating something with your hands, cooking, a catch up with a friend, feel good movie..

Norway was an incredible reminder that we need some kind of stress in our lives to help us grow - but that growth is only sustainable when stress is balanced by recovery.

Post ice plunge it was back into a lovely warming tent with reindeer skins on the floor, then a 20min snow shoe back to the hotel and a darned good breakfast :)

(More pics and ice plunging on insta)

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