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How to Win in 2021: design the ideal New Year's resolution

From energy to empathy, mood to memory, in this video I explain why there are some great reasons to focus on sleep habits for your New Year's Resolution.

Download your guide to Designing a Winning Sleep Habit in 2021:

2021 New Year Special_The Sleep Scientis
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The new behaviours which become lasting habits are those which feel easy and achievable, and which can be built into your daily routine with very little - if any - effort.

Start with small, easy changes, which you can repeat daily. Every time you succeed in your habit, celebrate! Feeling good helps your brain to wire in new behaviours so that you are more likely to repeat them automatically.

The more times you repeat something, the more likely it is to then become part of your identity. Succeeding at small changes can also help to give you the confidence to succeed at bigger changes later on.


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