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The Insomnia Diaries, by Miranda Levy

If you're interested in how to recover from insomnia, I would heartily recommend this book.

Miranda's story takes sleep problems to an extreme that lost her almost everything that was important to her; career, children, financial independence, relationships, health...

Few people could write about this with both honesty and humour, but Miranda's voice is captivating.

I first spoke to Miranda several years ago when she was a journalist at The Telegraph writing a column called The Insomnia Diaries.. I think I might have suggested she called it something else if she wanted to recover (!). I'm delighted to say that the column no longer exists ☺️

I was touched when Miranda asked me to write the foreword for this book, and to whizz an academic eye over the background science and advice.

If you are suffering with insomnia this is the kind of book that will give you hope. You are not alone. Evidence-based treatment IS available, and - with determination, time and consistency - it works.

Available in all good bookshops!


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