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Too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve? 3 Techniques to sleep well, and protect your Mental Elf..

Tip 1:

A specific to-do list can be a great way to download thoughts before bed, and make it easier to let go and relax..

This is a strategy that works at any time of year, but especially when your mind is in overdrive. Try to make your list well in advance of bedtime, perhaps before your evening meal, so that the list is done and dusted before you prepare to wind down for the day.

Tip 2:

Breathwork - Five Finger Breathing

If you're feeling a bit wired, in bed or dashing around wrapping, cooking, shopping, hosting, or feeding the reindeer take a moment to ground yourself with 5 finger breathing.

This is a great technique to take your mind off other things, and a good one to do with the kids.. especially when they are too excited to sleep. It's simple, tactile and as you slow your breathing rate, your heart rate will slow down too, leaving you calmer and happier.

Tip 3:

Take the pressure off.. stop trying

When you feel under pressure to fall asleep, it is much less likely to happen. Even though Christmas Eve is a once-in-the-year event, try to treat it like any other night. Stick to the same routine.. make it predictable and familiar (as far as you can), even if you're sleeping away from home.

Remind yourself that the odd poor night of sleep is not the end of the world.. you've coped before, and you'll do it again.. plus there will be lots of lovely things to keep you awake on Christmas Day!

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