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How to beat bedtime procrastination, and develop healthy sleep habits..

Last night I hosted the first free monthly webinar of 2024.. "Sleep and Self-Control: How to create habits that stick".

Huge thanks to everyone who joined in person, and became active participants. Hopefully we all got some inspiration for a healthy new habit. If you missed it, I walk through the entire framework in the handout below:

240116 How to design a winning sleep habit
Download PDF • 2.25MB

We talked about the importance of..

  • making it really easy - especially when you're tired

  • making it visible, with a prompt or reminder

  • making it feel good, perhaps by using the habit tracker in the handout

Another way to make habits feel good is to share them with other people! If you are part of a community, tribe or herd that values sleep.. it's more likely to rub off on you, and become part of your identity.

I'll be publishing short sleep science videos every week on Instagram and YouTube to try and help provide a regular prompt to remind you to value sleep (@drsophiebostock).

You'll find a 1 minute version of some of the key points in the video below..

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