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I'm back home! Here's a short taste of my Canadian adventure..

It was delightful, awe-inspiring, gruelling, painful, terrifying and joyous.. and that was probably on any single day! I'm delighted to say that myself and 3 other members of the original team of 6 completed the full 2,000 km journey from the head waters of the Hart River to Dalton Highway.

I have never been quite so happy to sleep in a real bed as I have been after 61 nights sleeping in the wilderness.

Sleeping out there was tough.. there was the midnight sun to content with, the noises of nature (owls, wolves, water flow, landslides), stomach bugs, itchy insect bites, the hum of mosquitoes, storms (wind, rain, and hail), fear of what was going to happen next, recall of the day's adventures, discomfort (my tent was way too small).. in short, I had plenty of opportunities to practice sleep strategies!

It's great to be home. I'll be sharing stories of our adventures in forthcoming talks.

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