• Sophie Bostock, PhD

Does sex help you sleep? (or vice versa)

This week's video is potentially a bit of a controversial topic, but I think it's an important one. Many people are unaware of just how important sleep is for a healthy sex drive. If a couple is struggling with sleep, then they are more likely to argue, and less likely to be able to resolve those arguments calmly and rationally.

The relationship does seem to go both ways. While research on the topic is limited, surveys suggest that sex before sleep could potentially help them to be in the right physical and psychological state for sleep (Lastella et al, 2019). This isn't the case for everyone - and an important minority say that sex tends to make their sleep worse.

One of the most potent hormones for relaxing you, and making you feel content, is oxytocin. You can oxytocin through cuddles, gentle stroking and massage - it doesn't have to be about sex. It's about closeness.

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