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Why does Stress Mess with your Sleep?

It's Stress Awareness Month but let's face it, the coping with stress is something we all do, all the time.

In this video I explore why some people are more vulnerable to poor sleep in response to stress, and 3 opportunities to change things...

Step 1. is about how you rate the situation on your personal stressometer rating... can you focus on the positives, or failing that, take action to change things? ☀️➡️

Step 2. is about your coping resources, especially how well supported you feel by other people. 👪

Step 3. is your Sleep Reactivity - is your sleep system on the twitchy side when it comes to a stressful situation? If so, it could be that using CBT-I techniques, especially practicing relaxation techniques could help 💙

Ps yes, still training and still fundraising for the round GB row.. set to launch on 13th June 🚣.. starting to get a few blisters 😏


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